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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Thomas Heath, DC

Thomas Heath, DC
Heath Wellness Center, LLC
14 W. Main St., Landisville, PA
717.530.5555 • [email protected]

“We are a functionally integrative, spirit-, brain- and body-based wellness practice that uses safe, natural, advanced technologies to the find the root cause of dysfunction and disease,” says Dr. Thomas Heath. “We offer hope and healing to those who have been left hopeless. We help people of all ages from newborns to more than 100 years old.” The founder of Heath Wellness Center, Heath is a chiropractor with additional training in various advanced technologies.

Services offered: Professional Applied Kinesiology; Quantum Neurology; Neuro-Emotional Technique; nutritional testing; nutritional counseling; supplements, Brain-Tap; chiropractic care; food sensitivity testing; Heart Rate Variability testing; Frequency Specific Microcurrent; Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency; specific adjustments of the cranial bones; The Ultimate Health Care Class is held Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.

Areas of specialty: Health and wellbeing, post-concussion care, emotional stressors, bowel problems, fatigue, autoimmune issues, and essentially any issues where there is an imbalance within the body leading to dysfunction or disease.

Philosophical approach: “Our mission is to guide our patients to wholeness, health, wellness in mind, body and spirit and to inspire hope by providing individual care. Transforming the world one life at a time.”