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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Jennifer Bealer, D.C.

Jennifer Bealer, D.C.
Nutrition Response Testing Advanced Practitioner
Natural Vitality Health Center at Bealer Chiro Plus
7842 Boyertown Pike, Boyertown, PA
1426 New Schuylkill Rd., Pottstown, PA
610-689-3700 • [email protected]

As a chiropractor, Dr. Jennifer Bealer has always understood the importance of taking care of the body. But it wasn’t until her own health issues began to affect her life that she discovered just how powerful using high-quality, nutritious food as the foundation for health and healing could be. This changed her health in such a major way that it redirected her focus as a natural health practitioner. Using her advanced clinical training in Nutrition Response Testing, she helps people improve their health from within.

Services offered: Nutrition Response Testing enables Bealer to identify areas where a client’s body is challenged and discover the underlying cause of symptoms. Additionally, by testing certain foods and whole food nutritional supplements, she can recommend nutritional and wellness plans customized for each client. Heart Health Program provides client-specific, optimal nutritional support for the heart utilizing the Heart Sound Recorder device.

Areas of specialty: Fatigue, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, stress, heart health, digestive issues, weight loss, pain, hot flashes and general health.

Philosophical approach: “We want to help the community achieve vibrant and optimum health through nutrition, education and other natural means.”