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JourneyDance with Gisele

JourneyDance with Gisele
Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

Services offered: JourneyDance is a hypnotic container weaving expressive movement, guided imagery, ritual, voice and affirmation. We liberate ourselves on this spiritual and emotional journey that inspires uninhibited, free expression of the true self. Our minds become clear, free and positive; our bodies fluid, energized and powerful. JourneyDance calls us to heal, get physical, call on our inner resources and step into our highest potential. JourneyDance reconnects us with our innate state of joyous, funky and divine well-being. Experience this high-energy movement process and dance a spiritual practice.

Areas of specialty: Adult classes and workshops; collaborations with other artists for day or weekend events.

Philosophical approach: “Enjoy a journey of inner rhythms, expressive movements and spontaneity. Explore the supple fluidity of your body moving through space, the powerful interplay of gravity and the urge to move. Awaken, explore and balance the chakras. Dance and play from your heart. Soar as Soul. Guided movement, improvisation and community celebration facilitate deep opening and healing.”


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