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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

News Brief Submission Form

News Briefs

Just as the name implies, a News Brief is a timely, newsworthy item that typically makes an announcement to readers.

What is NEW with your business? Share it with us.

Whether you’ve moved or opened a new office, added staff or a new product or service, if you or someone on your team recently received a new certification, award or recent recognition; or if you're having a special event, class or concert, or anything that's new, upcoming or recently occurred - we want to hear about it!

Simply send us the information by answering the questions on the form below for a single, specific NEWS item, and our professional writers will create an effective News Brief in the magazine's unique voice and style.

We welcome any relevant news items that may be of interest to our readers.
We reserve the right to edit all submissions.
News Briefs are not advertisements and are not written as such.
Based on available space or publisher discretion, not all submissions are guaranteed publication.
If space is limited, current advertisers receive priority. 

The News Brief target submission date is the 1st of the month for the following month, e.g. please submit your news brief information on or before May 1st for the June issue, etc.

Submit via the Form Below: