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Healing Spaces Behavioral Health, LLC

Healing Spaces Behavioral Health, LLC
313 West Liberty St., Ste. 257, Lancaster, PA
717.803.1328 • [email protected]

Healing Spaces Behavioral Health provides strengths-based psychotherapy services to individual adults and families. The office environment aims to inspire authenticity, comfort and collaboration between the clinician and client. In-home sessions for individuals with mobility limitations are also available.

Services offered: Healing Spaces Behavioral Health utilizes a strengths-based approach to mental health care and practices several different therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Areas of specialty: Primary area of expertise is with elderly persons and their families and caregivers, facing issues of grief, mental and physical changes associated with aging and discord within the family.  Changes could include chronic pain, forgetfulness or persistent anxiety, sadness or anger.

Philosophical approach: “Our mission is to provide mental health care that facilitates and supports each client’s growth, self-discovery and healing in an environment that promotes respect, curiosity, teamwork and authenticity.”