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Fresh Habits

Holly Mann
Fresh Habits
Willow Street, PA
484.633.4344 • [email protected]

Holly Mann, the owner of Fresh Habits, is a wellness and personal success coach that specializes in helping overextended women reconnect with themselves through their fitness, nutrition and time management.  She offers accountability and support as she helps her clients upgrade their daily habits and routines.

Services offered: Fresh Habits offers personal training, custom remote coaching, nutrition support and time management strategies. Sessions are in-person or video calls for non-local clients.

Areas of specialty: Fresh Habits Wellness Coaching specializes in observing and adjusting the daily habits and routines of their clients surrounding fitness, nutrition and time management. This style of coaching focuses on identifying what new habits could be established, what current habits could be upgraded and what old outdated habits need to be ditched altogether. Mann offers the accountability and support needed during the transition.

Philosophical approach: “Fresh Habits takes your biggest challenges and breaks them down into easily managed tasks through your habits––small, consistent actions done daily that transform your life. Our mission is to facilitate conversations that create meaningful, fulfilling lives through Fresh Habits that last a lifetime.”

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