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Courtney Shober Holistic Health, LLC

Courtney Shober Holistic Health, LLC
Reading, PA
484.256.5704 • [email protected]

Taking a comprehensive approach to well-being, Courtney Shober helps clients assess current habits. Working together, they create and implement cumulative milestones to achieve greater intentions. She supports clients to better understand their own body and their power to live more vibrantly. Shober provides accountability, helpful resources and the necessary space to reflect on what a healthier lifestyle looks and feels like to each individual she has the privilege to advise.

Services offered: Integrative Health Coaching

Areas of specialty: Healthy eating habits, stress reduction, self-development and discovery, healthy lifestyle presentations and seminars.

Philosophical approach: “The causes that lead to a lack of health are multi-faceted, and the path back to ideal wellness requires patience and determination. Making time to discover one’s true values creates an opportunity for beneficial decision-making and positive change. Discovering or rediscovering an authentic sense of self allows for empowerment and confidence to maintain well-being and enhance quality of life.”