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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Sound Massage Available at Resonance With Nature

Cheryl Corson

Cheryl Corson, health and wellness coach and founding director of Resonance With Nature, has brought the Peter Hess Method Sound Massage to Lancaster. This gentle modality was developed more than 30 years ago. A sound massage is done with therapeutic grade singing bowls on a massage table with the client fully clothed, while bowls are placed on the body and gently rung. Sessions last just over an hour. This deeply relaxing modality may clear the path for healing and is a wonderful complement to other treatment modalities.

“Deep relaxation calms the central nervous system which allows us to unwind and sleep well,” explains Corson. “The feeling of calm lasts well past the session itself.”

Location: 313 West Liberty St., Ste. 254, Lancaster. Sessions by appointment. Free mini-session available. For more information, call 202-494-5054 or email [email protected].