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Embark Herbals Brick-and-Mortar Location a Resource for Natural Wellness

Tiffany Davies

by Sheila Julson

Professional herbalist Tiffany Davies saw an unmet need in Mohnton for an herbal-based, natural medicine resource. This past November, she took her herbal consulting business to the next level with Embark Herbals, a store featuring more than 250 bulk dried herbs, tinctures, personal care items and supplies for DIY enthusiasts to craft their own wellness products, kefir and kombucha.

Davies, who has a bachelor’s degree in cellular and molecular biology and a minor in health science, furthered her herbal training via David Winston’s Herbal Studies program. She has loved working with herbs since she was 14 years old and shares her knowledge through herbal consultations, custom herbal formulas, classes and workshops for adults and children.

“We provide the resources needed to utilize natural medicine, and the education and wisdom to reinstate the at-home apothecary,” Davies affirms. She guides customers toward which herbs best suit their constitution, and she can make custom blends. For complex issues, Davies suggests booking a consultation. She also gets many customers that are curious about herbs but don’t know where to begin.

The shelves of Embark Herbals are lined with nourishing herbal nootropics, adaptogens, nervines and immune amphoterics such as ashwagandha, bacopa, nettles, turmeric and reishi. Davies also carries bitters and carminatives such as tulsi, marshmallow, dandelion, gentian and orange peel, which help to soothe and heal the digestive tract and aid in digestion. Davies says she sources herbs from reputable sources that grow the plants with organic methods.

Embark Herbals also features organic, small batch, hand-blended tisane blends formulated with certain indications in mind; a homemade line of bath and personal care items such as first-aid salves, lip balms, bath bombs, bath and foot soaks, hair and beard oils; essential oil fragrances containing crystals and petals; Bach Flower remedies; and Aura Cacia and Young Living essential oils.

For those who wish to make their own products, customers can find an assortment of carrier oils and butters, tincture jars, dropper bottles, ointment tins and strainers. There are also supplies for people to make their own customizable gift baskets.

Hands-on classes include Introduction to Herbalism and Herb of the Week: Getting to Meet Your Herbal Allies. The classes include a lecture, worksheets, tea tasting, seeing the live plant and creating a product to take home, such as a salve or tincture. Participants also receive seeds to start their own herbal apothecary gardens. She holds tea tasting events and a Little Sprouts class for children and teens. 

“Our goal is to facilitate a reconnection with nature and its marvelous healing powers within our society. I feel blessed by the opportunity to share my passion with others through teaching, and I love that I’m witnessing so much interest in this community for how they can use herbs in their own lives,” Davies concludes. 

Embark Herbals is located 377 Church Rd., Mohnton. For more information, call 833-336-2275 or visit