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Inshanti Pure Essential Oils Boost Immunity

Inshanti has three products that give the immune system a boost: Viral D, Happy Hands Cream and Armor inhaler. Viral D is a blend of undiluted pure essential oils that, if used consistently in each nostril, helps to prevent contraction of many viruses that are spread through the air and on surfaces as well as person-to-person contact; a little goes a long way. Happy Hands Cream is an immune-boosting cream that kills bad bacteria and viruses without killing good bacteria and drying out hands. Apply after hand washing for extra protection. Armor is a portable inhaler that can be inhaled through each nostril to also help prevent contraction of viruses through the air. 

“It’s important to be proactive and boost our immune systems, especially now,” says owner Debra Stoltzfus. “First and foremost––wash hands well and often. Try our products to boost your immune system and support health and wellness.”

Readers receive 15 percent off the three products mentioned above with coupon code SHIELD15 for the month of April. For more information, call 717-587-3990, email [email protected] or visit  

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