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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

2024 Practitioner Profiles

Throughout the year, Natural Awakenings is your resource for a healthier, more balanced life. Along with our monthly Community Resource Guide, this January we are pleased to offer a special Practitioner Profiles section which highlights leaders in our community whose mission is to support you and your wellness journey.

pLori Borja RN MS CNSbrp

Lori Borja, RN, MS, CNS

At Nutrition for Life, Lori Borja, a licensed nutritionist and certified nutrition specialist (the gold standard for advanced nutrition professionals), provides clinical nutrition service... Read More » 


pDR Serguei Krissiouk brp

Dr. Serguei Krissiouk

Dr. Serguei Krissiouk, at RUTA Homeopathic and Complementary Medicine, provides homeopathic and natural remedies for effective and gentle management of countless ailments and chronic cond... Read More » 


pJohnathan Cavallo DC DACRB brp

Johnathan Cavallo, DC, DACRB

Dr. Johnathan Cavallo specializes in back or neck pain, disc issues such as bulged or herniated discs, shoulder and knee issues, chronic pain, headaches, infant and child chiropractic car... Read More » 


pClarissa Stewart LMT CLT RYT brp

Clarissa Stewart, LMT, CLT, RYT

Owner Clarissa Stewart seeks to ensure that Create Balance Wellness Center, in Lancaster, is your partner for self-healing and recovery through movement, exercise and healthy living. Read More » 


pDr Thomas B Wachtmann DCbrp

Dr. Thomas B. Wachtmann, DC

Link Chiropractic Clinic is a comprehensive center for pain relief and pain prevention through chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, spinal decompression, functional diagnostic medic... Read More » 


pDavid A Schwartz DDSbrp

David A. Schwartz, DDS

David A. Schwartz, DDS strives is to do his best every time he treats someone. His philosophy is also to be a constant learner, always expanding his knowledge and techniques to improve a ... Read More » 


pLaTasha Thomasbrp

LaTasha Thomas

Owner and Licensed Professional Counselor LaTasha Thomas, at Zen Holistics Counseling, has been trained in trauma-informed practices. She earned a BS degree in Psychology from Albright Co... Read More » 


pDr Donna Kulpbrp

Dr. Donna Kulp

Dr. Donna Kulp feels that wellness doesn’t just encompass physical needs, but also emotional, spiritual and more. Therefore, proper evaluation and testing, not guessing, is what makes her... Read More » 


pFernanda Moreno ND MPHbrp

Fernanda Moreno, ND, MPH

Dr. Fernanda Moreno follows the six naturopathic medicine principles: first do no harm; the healing power of nature; identify and treat the causes; doctor as teacher; treat the whole pers... Read More »