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Dr. Donna Kulp

Dr. Donna Kulp

Kulp Chiropractic Clinic Inc.

Nutrition & Wellness Center

52 Morgantown Rd., Reading

Kulp Chiropractic Clinic Inc., Nutrition & Wellness Center, in Reading, uses the principles of functional medicine to take a whole body approach instead of only addressing symptoms. Care includes a physical exam; a detailed history of current complaints, prior illness and diagnostic testing, because what the body exhibits currently may be associated with or a continuation of that illness; and diagnostic testing, which may include hair analysis, as well as testing of blood, saliva, hormones, stool and more.

After evaluation is completed, a recommendation for follow-up testing will be made, including blood labs, hormone testing, parasite stool testing, neurohormone, neurotransmitter, cardiovascular profiles, allergy testing, gut health testing, celiac and others.

Stool testing provides many answers for those suffering from GI distress, severe abdominal pain, and bloat, frequent bowel movements, diarrhea, nausea and other unexplained digestive symptoms. Stool tests look for parasites, giardia bacterial infections such as clostridium difficile or campylobacter, fungal infections like candida and viral infections.

Stool tests also evaluate the abundance or absence of good or bad bacteria in gut microbiota and can check for signs of digestive tract diseases like bile acid absorption and pancreatic insufficiency and also looks at inflammatory bowel disease markers.

Kulp says. “A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside. Proper evaluation and testing, no guessing is what makes our office different! Don't just live with gut issues, we are here to help you dig deep to find a solution. The diverse needs of our clients are met by treating each individual. Everyone is evaluated and a customized wellness plan is created based upon each person’s specific needs and goals determined by health history, examinations and testing, if needed. Wellness doesn’t just encompass physical needs, but also emotional, spiritual and more. Proper evaluation and testing, not guessing, is what makes our office different.”