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David A. Schwartz, DDS

David A. Schwartz, DDS

701 Jefferson Blvd., West Lawn
[email protected]

The dental practice of David A. Schwartz, DDS, PC, is intentionally smaller and slower paced than most other offices, and has been mercury-free since its inception in 1994. Since 2004, Dr. Schwartz has furthered his education incorporating the principles of what was termed neuromuscular dentistry, but now has refined to physiological-based dentistry (PBD), to treat headaches, jaw pain (TMJ/TMD/CMD), sleep dentistry and more. Dentistry does not have a specialty for what he does, so it would be a breach of the American Dental Association Code of Ethics to say that Schwartz specializes or is anything other than a general dentist, even though his training goes well beyond that.

He earned a fellowship at the Las Vegas Institute for Advance Dental Studies, as well as a fellowship in the International Association of Physiological Dentists. While Schwartz still performs basic dental procedures, his passion is helping people resolve aches and pains of the head and neck. He says, “With PBD, we have tests to find the end point first to know if we can help someone, versus trying and hoping that we are on the right track.”

Techniques include computerized 3-D jaw tracking and muscle electromyography using the BioResearch BioPak and dental computed tomography are used to help diagnose the source of the problem. A T-Scan occlusal analyzer, along with the BioPak is used to detail the patient’s bite. When indicated, BioResearch MLS Laser can be used for cold laser therapy. Dental orthopedics/orthodontics as well as oral myofunctional therapy are also used.

Schwartz’s philosophy is to do his best every time he treats someone. It is also to be a constant learner, always expanding his knowledge and techniques to improve a person’s whole body health.