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Lori Borja, RN, MS, CNS

Lori Borja, RN, MS, CNS

Nutrition for Life

3933 Perkiomen Ave., Ste. 104, Exeter
[email protected]

At Nutrition for Life, Lori Borja, a licensed nutritionist and certified nutrition specialist (the gold standard for advanced nutrition professionals), provides clinical nutrition services to help clients achieve wellness through diet and lifestyle education.

“I start with an extensive and comprehensive assessment to gather information regarding their history, environment and lifestyle to help me guide them toward long-term health and to develop a plan to protect them from chronic diseases,” she advises. “I spend a lot of time with my clients providing one-on-one education, and schedule regular follow-ups to provide continued support.”
She works with clients to develop personalized nutrition plans that incorporate whole foods, quality supplements, mindful eating strategies and other lifestyle changes to support their health and goals. Borja’s cooking demonstrations are designed to encourage the preparation of healthy meals at home.

Her area of specialty includes one-on-one nutritional support for individuals looking to optimize their health and for health concerns such as weight loss and weight management, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, digestive health, food allergies/ sensitivities, fatigue and inflammatory conditions.

Borja explains, “My background as a registered nurse and enjoying the one-on-one experiences in the home health field helped build a foundation for my future ambitions in my life. My interest in nutrition had grown over the years, both personally and professionally, inspiring me to continue my education and create Nutrition for Life. My passion for individualized care and nutrition has continued to inspire me to support my clients to reach their health and wellness goals. I have dedicated my career to helping others live healthier lives.”