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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Natural Awakenings Lancaster / Berks - March 2021

Welcome to our March Issue


In addition to the digital edition found above, here are MORE articles found exclusively online…

Jeff Tkach on Regenerative Healthcare

Rodale Institute’s Chief Impact Officer Jeff Tkach is committed to upholding the legacy of the Institute’s founder, J.I. Rodale, who believed that healthy soil equals healthy food equals healthy people. According to Tkach, farmers and healthcare professionals need to embrace a prevention-based approach to human and environmental health. Rodale Institute is here to bridge the gap between these two industries by unlocking the transformational power of regenerative healthcare.

Earthbound Artisan’s Monthly Installment

Nature Observation through the Seasons ~ March: Change and Transformation

“Change is the only constant in life.”, is a popular saying. Certainly, to be a human alive on this planet right now is to be immersed in the process of change and the anxiety that can come with that. It can be helpful to look to the natural world in times of hardship or distress. For the Earth has experienced many phases, and may hold clues to how we can navigate the natural ups and downs of life.