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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

East West Functional Training Offers Free Introductory Services

Through the month of May, Leslie Dowling, functional nutrition lifestyle practitioner and owner of East West Functional Nutrition, LLC, is offering a free, one-hour virtual consultation (valued at $75) to review issues that potential clients could address, regarding healthier lifestyle changes. A free, 30-minute virtual consultation that gives a brief overview about one of the following detox packages (valued at $125 for 90-minutes) is also available.
Detox Your Environment At Home includes education and discussion about potential toxins in the home, such as radon, mold, body products and more, that can trigger cancer, auto-immune disorders, etc. Kitchen Facelift will provide a consultation about how to make the switch from processed foods to whole, non-GMO, gluten-free foods. Mindshift Change to Your Diet focuses on getting to the root cause of the emotional mindset related to eating.
“Balancing the mind, body and spirit and getting to the root cause, taking into consideration the home environment, food sensitivities, genetics and microbiome, assists individuals on their journey to wellness,” shares Dowling.
Mention the ad on page 21 of the March 2021 issue to receive the free virtual consultation. For more information, call 610-413-4779, email [email protected] or visit