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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter from Co-Publishers

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-publishers

This year’s unfolding brings yet another layer of challenging and transformative events as we move into the month of July. The unprecedented circumstance of the viral pandemic affecting our entire world laid the groundwork and space for a deep and long-ready stirring of activism for the health and reckoning of our country; an uprising of voices and shift into new territory is underway in the realms of honesty, justice and equality. We have created our July issue to nurture and to nourish the souls of all, so wherever you find yourself and in whatever posture or mode, we meet you there.

Life is precious and our hearts are heavy with anguish for the Black lives that have been cut short and for the loss that our country has faced and is facing…for the families that are grieving and for the pain of a culture and history that is so deep and so wide. We stand in solidarity and with conviction and compassion, for the rights that are long overdue, for the respect and the dignity that are rising as calls for unity and reparations are being made.

The recent shifts mark an imperative moment in our history for recognizing and naming a collective damage that has been done to minorities and indigenous groups. We have taken the time to reflect on what all of this means for our country, our community, our neighbors, for our business and ourselves, and go forth with humility and gratitude for the opportunity to dig deeper and work harder at eliminating racism, helping to build a community of justice, equality and opportunity for everyone. With renewed dedication, we intend to remain active in such a profoundly important movement, forging ahead with refreshed perspectives on what it means to honor the value and worth of all, and to increase specific actions and outreach towards incorporating a more diverse and eclectic humanity in our pages. We re-commit our ways, our philosophy, our intentions as a business and as individuals to uphold practices and actions with transparent, honest purpose in serving and seeing everyone as equal and worthy of the best life has to offer.

Our vision is for a humanity healed by action and by the love that is our essence, rising above the divisiveness to a place of shared wisdom, acceptance and mercy for everyone. Alongside each of you, we look forward to manifesting a better world.

Jacqueline Mast & Kendra Campbell