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Reach Financial Goals Sooner with The Debt Shredder Team

According to Harold Walters of the Debt Shredder Team, “The pandemic stripped away four financial essentials from people: their income; their ability to manage their debts; their emergency funds; and their wealth building. Debt Shredder is the ‘Financial GPS’ which directly helps them regain direction and control of three of those essentials.”

Walters, along with his partner, Paul Fisher, assist clients in eliminating debt faster by utilizing a live, interactive program that teaches clients how to bank like a bank; shows clients how and when to move money the way a bank moves money; and provides guidance to create a budget, an emergency fund and build true wealth, giving 20/20 financial foresight. 

Fisher is an Old Order Amish business owner with a passion for helping people become successful. Walters has owned small businesses since he was 18 and retired from his career as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch in the early 2000s.

For more information, call Paul Fisher, 717-201-1645, or Harold Walters, 717-615-2834, email [email protected] or visit