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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Wellness Wins

Boosting Immunity Can Have Powerful Results

by Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

Natural Awakenings, Lancaster-Berks practitioners are educated, compassionate professionals who care about our community and want the best for us. As we deal with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, their immunity-boosting tips can empower us to unveil wellness as the winner.

Tools for Health

“Keep yourself strong and healthy by maximizing your immune system’s proper functioning,” says Dr. Thomas Wachtmann, chiropractor. “I am helping myself through this pandemic by practicing what I preach to my patients. Sometimes, we all have a tendency to let ourselves go a little bit, health-wise, but we have to be vigilant and proactive to get our immune systems in gear before we’re exposed. It’s not the strength of the bug that will get you, it’s the strength of the host. Don’t wait until you get sick to take care of yourself.

“I receive chiropractic spinal adjustments to help relieve pressure within my nervous system, which ensures proper communication between my brain and all my organs and glands to help them, as well as my immune system, function optimally,” he explains. “I also added specific nutritional supplements, herbs and glandular extracts to my daily regimen to help nutritionally fortify my immune system. Strengthening the immune system makes the body more resistant to not only the coronavirus, but all viruses, bacteria, etc.”

“It can be tempting to feel fearful and helpless during times such as this, but knowledge is power, and with it comes the realization that there are things you can do to empower yourself,” believes Tiffany Davies, professional herbalist. “Herbalism and holistic healing modalities are founded on the principle that the body has the innate ability to protect and heal itself if it’s functioning properly and given the tools it needs.

“We can support the body’s proper functioning by practicing good hygiene; sleeping for eight to 10 hours every night; staying hydrated with high quality water; selecting healthy whole foods; connecting with a professional who can assist with incorporating individual-appropriate herbs into the daily routine to assist with proper digestion, nutrient assimilation, detoxification and overall well-being; and mediating stress with healthy practices like exercise, deep breathing and meditation.”

Reduce Stress

Severe stress can diminish the immune system’s function, making the possibility of becoming ill even more likely. “Stress is usually due to a lack of proper information,” explains Wachtmann. “Minimizing the chances of getting sick in the first place is extremely important to your overall mental well-being. That’s why it’s important to contact a qualified health care practitioner that specializes in keeping people fortified, strong and healthy.”

Reduce stress by limiting exposure to the news and other forms of media. “Pay attention to how you feel while watching the news or reading posts on social media,” says Davies. “Stay informed but limit your exposure to certain times of the day, preferably not right before bedtime. Remember to guard young children from this same onslaught of anxiety-ridden input, too.

“Take advantage of this newfound time to initiate new stress-relieving habits,” she suggests. “Set aside time each day, and stick to it. Get the whole family involved in a game of basketball or learn a new mental health practice together. Take turns picking out what you’re going to try each day. Check out the resources on the internet for learning qigong, yoga and meditation.”

Go Outdoors

“Connecting with nature and admiring the beauty of your surroundings can boost your mood, enhance feelings of gratitude and help you feel more grounded and connected to life in general,” explains Deb Gallagher, registered nurse and Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) clinical practitioner. “Sometimes we get so buried in the day-to-day swing of life that we forget to use this tremendous resource. Take a walk through a park. Sit outside on your patio or porch, and feel the sunshine. Head for a lake or beach. Whatever it takes to get outside of your own head and mentally relax and recharge, take the opportunity to do it. Try some energy healing methods while you’re outdoors; EEM has many self-care tools to keep our systems strong. Imagine all that negativity disappearing into the atmosphere. Positive thoughts effect the immune system in a positive way.”


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