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Yoni Steaming An Ancient Practice Supports Modern Reproductive Health and Emotional Well-being

Jan 29, 2021 09:45AM ● By Gisele Rinaldi Siebold
Ashley Smoker, owner of Nature’s Intuition located in Lancaster, believes in creating space for clients so that they can take an active part in their own healing journeys. “When you fully embody your emotions, it allows you to actually release tension stored within your body and create space for more positivity to flow into its place,” she says.
Smoker is scheduling clients for yoni steaming, feminine embodiment coaching, intuitive movement workshops and reiki. Menstrual embodiment and sensual movement classes are currently being offered virtually.
Yoni (vaginal) steaming, is an ancient healing technique that has been practiced around the world in many different cultures. Passed down from great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, midwives and doulas through generations of women, it can be a supportive personal practice for reproductive health as well as emotional well-being.
“The practice directs herb-infused steam around the vaginal area and into the reproductive tract, cleansing the most delicate yet strongest part of the sacred feminine body,” explains Smoker. “Once dressed in an elegant steam gown to protect their privacy, clients are directed to sit on a steam box while they relax during their session. Yoni steams can become part of a personal self-love practice or clients can come with friends to have a more communal self-care experience.”

Some of the benefits of a vaginal steam include a full-body detox, correction of menstrual irregularities, relief from hot flashes and night sweats, increased libido, increase in moisture, infection control, reduced scar tissue, releasing womb-stored trauma, connection to sacred feminine self, tightening of the yoni and lifting of the pelvic floor.
Because steaming allows the body to fully release the monthly buildup of blood, proper period care is another plus. In addition, benefits of steaming prior to giving birth include softening the cervix; postpartum benefits include increased healing of the perineum and toning of the vulva. A more relaxing sleep is often experienced during the night of the steam.
Smoker intentionally hand-blended carefully chosen herbs to create five different blends. The Cleansing Blend stimulates blood flow and helps bring back a natural rhythm. It can be used for women who have monthly cycles that last 28 or more days, as well as women who have regularly taken birth control pills. The Disinfecting Blend is used for clients who have had chronic infections involving the urinary tract and yeast, and vaginosis.
The Cooling Blend helps cool the body and is used for menopausal women who may be experiencing hot flashes. The Gentle Blend works well for women who have shorter, 25- to 27-day monthly cycles.
The Magic Blend was intentionally crafted by Smoker for energetic release. A verbal or written energetic intention is set at the beginning of the session, which helps to clear out sexual trauma, muscle tension or other issues causing uncomfortable outcomes.
Clients considering yoni steaming must be old enough to have experienced the onset of menstruation. Men can also consider steaming for prostate health, help with hemorrhoids or fissures and general relaxation. Smoker notes that not everyone is qualified to experience steaming. An extensive intake form provides her with the information necessary to determine if yoni steaming is right for a client.
Smoker has been doing alternative-based healing work for nearly 10 years. Through the years, she has found a passion for helping women accept and love their physical bodies, explore their emotional selves, release mental blockages and connect with their spiritual selves.
One of her specialty areas is working with women who want to bring pleasure back to their bodies. “I tailor my one-to-one coaching to fit specific client needs,” she shares. “I help each client connect with her feminine self, love her body where it is now, discover and learn about personal pleasures, feel sensuality in her everyday life and much more.
“By looking at a combination of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, we can let go of what we do not need and create space to be who we were created to be,” she enthuses.

Ashley Smoker


Nature’s Intuition is located at 313 W. Liberty St., Ste. 279, in Lancaster. For more information, call 610-763-0434, email [email protected] or visit