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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Local Hypnotherapist Helps Clients Realize that Success Begins Within

John Stewart

John Stewart, known as the Susquehanna Valley’s Health Hypnotherapist, is the owner of Lancaster Hypnotherapy. He assists clients desiring to lose weight, stop smoking, eliminate unwanted behaviors or those seeking relief from stress and anxiety. Bypassing the critical thinking of the conscious mind and suggesting new ideas to the subconscious mind can break negative thinking cycles.
As a clinical hypnotherapist, his professional skills allow a client’s mind to relax and achieve a heightened state of awareness thus allowing the client to take control of life’s challenges. During a session, a client experiences a state of deep relaxation that is different from being asleep.
Stewart is passionate about debunking popular myths that suggest the hypnotherapist controls an individual’s mind and delves into subjects that the client does not want to explore. “You, the client, are the one who is in control,” he says. “My role is to serve as your tour guide. You decide where we go. My job is just to get you there.”
Online hypnosis sessions are being offered at this time. For more information, call 717-340-3100, email [email protected] or visit