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Build Wealth with The Debt Shredder Team

Utilizing Debt Shredder, a live, interactive financial GPS program, Paul Fisher and Harold Walters assist clients by looking forward into their financial future using the same math algorithms banks use to keep borrowers in debt. It teaches clients how to bank like a bank and shows clients how and when to move money the way a bank moves money.

It eliminates debt faster than any other program and provides guidance to create a budget, an emergency fund and build true wealth, giving 20/20 financial foresight.”

Walters began in financial services on Wall Street in New York City at 16 years old. He has owned small businesses since he was 18 and retired from his career as a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch in the early 2000s. Fisher is an Old Order Amish business owner with a passion for helping people become successful. They have become the top retail Debt Shredder representatives in the U.S. and Canada for 2018 and 2019, having helped their clients cancel more than $22.3 million of debt and put them on the path to building true wealth.

For more information, call Paul Fisher, 717-201-1645, or Harold Walters, 717-615-283, email [email protected] or visit

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