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Holistic Hair Care is the Highlight at The Green Room Organic Salon

Kristen Lobb, Owner | Courtney Whipple, Salon Manager and Deva Stylist | Evey Martinez, Deva Stylist | Melanie Jeter, Stylist | Sue Simmons, Stylist

by Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

The stylish yet cozy feeling of The Green Room Organic Salon locations in downtown Lancaster and Mount Joy welcomes clients and makes them feel like they are sitting in a friend’s living room. A low-key atmosphere offering comfort, relaxation and something different has been created by owner Kristen Lobb and her team of stylists, Courtney Whipple, salon manager, Melanie Jeter, Sue Simmons and Evey Martinez.

The difference is their holistic approach to sustainability and hair care. “As a certified, sustainable Green Circle Salon,” explains Lobb, “we repurpose, recycle and collect used foils, color tubes, excess hair color, paper, plastic, glass, spa waste and hair clippings, diverting them from waterways and landfills.

“In addition, we use Organic Way (Oway) agricosmetics. I choose to provide healthier, organic products and safer treatments while considering the environmental impact because I care about the health of my team of stylists and our customers, as well as the size of the footprint we are leaving behind,” she says.

Biodynamically grown in Bologna, Italy, Oway products are made from active botanicals, fair trade ingredients and certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). They are gentle even for sensitive skin.

Oway’s philosophy is comparable to Lobb’s philosophy—beautiful, healthy hair takes the stage along with sustainability. Each and every formulation, packaging, material, individual article or tool is designed to have a minimal environmental impact and to be long-lasting or reusable and composted or transformed into a new resource.

Their formulations are packaged in glass bottles, jars and aluminum tubes that are completely reusable and recyclable; using unnecessary packaging and wrapping materials is avoided. All tools, items and articles are made of wood, glass, aluminum, organic regenerated cotton, recycled paper and many other natural ecological materials.

“Their ethical and environmental commitment offers products we feel comfortable using because they positively impact people and our planet,” she explains. “When we shampoo, condition, treat or color someone’s hair, or when our clients use products at home on themselves and with their families, we feel good knowing that we are contributing to a higher level of well-being.”

According to Lobb, the Oway color line offers excellent coverage, and the products are second to none. Services comprise full color, retouch color, partial highlight, full highlight, 10 foil/face highlight, balayage, perm, hair smoothing and pintura, which is Deva highlighting.

The Green Room Organic Salon also offers cuts and Deva cuts for women, men and children. Whipple and Martinez are licensed cosmetologists who have earned certification in the Deva method of cutting and styling curly and naturally textured hair, an additional training and certification beyond beauty school.

A Deva cut benefits anyone who has wavy or curly hair and wears it in its natural texture, from long waves to Afro styles. A Deva stylist cuts the clients hair dry and then performs a washing tutorial that educates them on how to achieve and maintain hydrated and defined curls.

Other menu services include wash/style blowouts and conditioning treatments. Wedding and formal styles can be done at the salon locations; in addition, Lobb and her staff offer on-site styling for brides and their bridal parties. Eyebrow, lip, chin and full-face waxing is also available.

“The personal relationships that we have built with our clients brings us joy,” she shares. “The five of us love the cozy feel and easy-going atmosphere of the salons. It’s the best of both worlds—we’re with our friends all day long while at work.”

The Green Room Organic Salon has locations at 8 E. Walnut St., in Lancaster, and 1387 E. Main St., in Mt. Joy. For more information, call 717-844-1051 or visit and

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