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Kudos - Rhonda Larson

Rhonda Larson

Rhonda Larson, a naturopath and functional medicine practitioner from Beautiful Healing Journey, in Lititz, has completed her certification in Functional Medicine training from Functional Medicine University. She has also completed a MCKS Pranic Healing Practitioner Course from Golden Light Pranic Healing Center.

Functional medicine is nutritionally based, patient centered healing. Instead of looking at health problems as isolated diseases, it works with individuals by getting to the root of the body’s altered physiology that lies beneath the surface of their presenting symptoms. The cause of specific diseases and symptoms may be an underlying dysfunction or imbalance of bodily functions.

Identifying and healing the underlying causes gives the individual a better chance at having their health challenges successfully resolved. Functional medicine uses scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing and holistic based protocols to look for a solution to each individual’s unique health puzzle to restore balance and healing in the body’s primary physiological processes.

Pranic (Life Flow) healing is a “no touch”, energy healing system based on the fundamental principle that the body has the innate ability to heal itself; cleaning and energizing the energy body is the main purpose.

Disturbances in our energy body occur before manifesting in our physical body. Clearing, cleansing and energizing these disturbances may help prevent physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances and help the body recover without hindrances. By using this form of healing, we support the creation of harmony, vitality and transformation in both the energy and physical bodies.

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