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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Living Simply

The ability to adapt is one of the greatest buffers in a world that has transformed quickly and in such fundamental ways. It is a fast and full planet, and how we live says a lot about who we are and what we care most about. Navigating choices wisely can uncover lifestyle options that prioritize quality over quantity, instilling more calm and balance into every day.

The concept of simpler living has long supported diverse cultures as busy lives revolve around a constant dynamic of consumption, usage and storage of goods and services. Energetically, we cannot afford to overlook a sacred and necessary inquiry into what sustains us and what truly matters in the quest for a meaningful existence. Collective minds share ideas, resonate and converge in a blueprint of equanimity and wholeness that we are all working toward.

This month’s theme of Eco-Living illustrates that it can be easier to live simply, and ideas abound for ways to repurpose, reuse and recirculate what we accumulate. Taking inventory of our homes and inner spaces often leads to clarity and peace regarding what we, our families and neighbors need. Green living is more than a trend, and the wisest lifestyles are those which exemplify how less is truly more.

Our November contributors highlight the myriad ways we can nurture ourselves, each other and the spaces we care about by infusing vitality and healing with the simplest of gestures. Human touch; specifically, skin-to-skin contact for newborns and children, is a powerful bonding component in the development process. Also, the impact of palliative interventions and therapeutic presence offered towards the end of life has proven invaluable in navigating transitions as we let go of ourselves, our loved ones and our pets. 

The meals we prepare to nourish and revitalize our bodies and minds are also soothing and ideally should be a relaxed and delicious experience. But traditions and expectations around the holiday season can carry the potential burden of stress during celebrations focused on creating memories with loved ones. Our Conscious Eating department on page 30 highlights how plant-focused menus are well-suited to bring a blend of creative, seasonal levity to the table, adding healthy new twists to an old ritual. The immune-boosting effects of lightening up our time together is profound and enhances the joy in any get-together.

We invite you to look outside the box for new approaches to familiar routines, invigorating what is stagnant and illuminating what may no longer be needed. Conscious living makes sense because it prevents the strain of living beyond the means of our bodies, hearts and minds. If we ask honestly for a simpler flow and make room for it in our lives, the methods, tools and even friends will step forward to help us on our way. Eco-Living connects communities and builds trust and motivation for a better world, and that is priceless. 

With gratitude and reverence for all of life’s gifts,

Jacqueline Mast and Kendra Campbell, Co-Publishers, Executive Editors