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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Birthing a New Paradigm of Peace

The gentle awakening of spring is all around us… a palpable quickening in splendid color and bloom, yet soft and unfurling in a way that beckons our attention for more to come. Inspired, we can look to our own inner quiet potential, the resting place that nourishes our deepest selves and where we find the utmost beauty.

Yin energy, the restful component of the ancient Chinese concept of balance, is known for its soothing, calming and slower properties. The receptive, although no less empowering qualities traditionally known as the feminine aspects, are only relevant as a complement to the yang, or more active and fiery traits. The paradox is that the harmony between these two aspects is what keeps their individuality alive; a constant flowing state of unity made possible by their differences.

This month, we focus on those feminine dynamics that contribute to our bodies, minds and spirits, and how our health benefits from the time and space that we take for ourselves. Prioritizing and honoring these concepts, regardless of gender, allows anyone to circle back, center and embody their authenticity, leading to a higher and steadier equilibrium that our world is calling for.

We’re all working for this New Earth in various ways by advancing our diverse and connected communities through personal healing and sustainable wisdom practices. It is those same feminine energies that contribute greatly to this time of refinement, offering up softer and greater truths.

Birthing a different way of being in the world is an opportunity to embody the sacred creative force and use the widespread nurturing born of the timeless guidance that is older than any of us. It is an embrace wide enough for the entire planet.

We invite you to join us in the celebration of those who live in the spirit of creativity, revealing the divine feminine in an empowered, honest and loving way. We are so grateful for those committed to right relationship with self and other, and who know what it means to lift each other up. In honoring these attributes, we naturally offer tribute to those mother figures who nurtured and held us along our way; who gave us life, literally and figuratively and who listened to us deeply, holding our dreams in their hearts.

Wishing you harmony, balance and peace,

Jacqueline Mast and Kendra Campbell, Co-Publishers