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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

A Door is Opening...

Dear Friends,

We write with excitement as we enter into a new year, anticipating new beginnings, interesting surprises and meaningful gifts to come. A door is opening and we can’t quite see where it may lead, but the energy of the year ahead is expansive... palpable and new. This threshold calls for a pause to consider how we might greet this next phase and what we value most in our relationships, our community and our world—where might we want to take a stand and who will be standing with us—what is worth fighting for and how compassionately we can dialogue. Can we use our voices and hearts to uplift those around us with a vigor that is equal to the cause?

Even inevitable life challenges can be transformed into gifts from the universe. It’s been said, “Obstacles are the foundation of a hero’s journey.” We have a choice of how we approach these situations and can find our way through, often to a positive outcome, or at the very least to personal growth and greater resilience if we are able to:

1. Embrace the discomfort. Accept the situation.

2. Meditate and calm the mind.

3. Get honest-how do we really feel about it? What may the situation be teaching us?

4. Get curious. Look through the negative and explore the positive.

5. Create boundaries. Sometimes we just need a rest from hard work.

6. Find friends. Gather those around who will work together toward a positive outcome.

7. Keep moving forward. Try new things. Get creative. Find courage.

8. Remember that we can do this and think of the progress we’ve made!

In this month’s issue, you’ll find more encouragement for embracing the new in Marlaina Donato’s article, “Welcoming the Unknown.” We offer tips in our feature article on improving and preserving memory and brain function at any age, while other departments deliver ideas for healing psoriasis, information on oral care for kids and much more.

As always, we are grateful to travel with you on the journey and wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!

Jacqueline and Kendra, Co-Publishers