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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Heartfelt Intention

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-publishers

Summer is officially over as the brisk winds of autumn begin to stir and the fiery oranges and reds of the season emerge. This beautiful and dynamic world is calling for balance from every angle now, and whether conscious or not, we are a part of the interplay that takes place in the health of our planet. Our own wholeness is inextricably linked to choices that serve to either support or ignore the integrity of this shared matrix of life. The impact of every thought, word and decision ripples in delicate and infinite ways, whispering its own sacred message; small decisions matter, and everyone’s microcosm is unique.

As we ease into the final months of the year, we may be taking inventory, considering our own equanimity and our own inner ecological landscapes. How do we preserve what is of utmost importance? How do we decide what is priority? 

Reconciling the imbalance that results from the natural ebb and flow which drives our most basic life cycles is first about the acceptance of these rhythms. Dealing with disease and fatigue, emotional burnout and viruses is part of being human—it provides opportunities to learn what it means to live within a body that shares territory with myriad stressors and toxins. Peering through the tangle of excess is an impetus for clearing away that which no longer serves us. 

Our October issue presents options that support creative and conscious decision making, offering opportunities for readers to consider what resonates most and illuminating how intentional choices allow us to give back. Whether futuristic, smart and healthy home design, complementary and integrative approaches in preventative medicine, colorful and versatile bursting-with-flavor seasonal diets or even dance floor workouts, we are energized by these beloved community resources. 

There is heartfelt intention behind the professional wisdom that is available to us all, and a palpable sense of interconnectivity between specialties. In our Wise Words department, Rodale Institute project manager Nadine Clopton shares an initiative that is connecting regenerative organic agriculture to health care and an upcoming event to immerse Western medical providers in the art and science of farming. Timeless and fundamental truths in caring for ourselves and our planet are wrapping around to meet the most progressive pioneers in our midst. 

 Join us in celebrating the beauty and brilliance in solutions that are both soaring toward the future and rooted deeply in the here and now as we celebrate this new season and the abundance of today.

Happy fall y’all!

Jacqueline and Kendra