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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Celebrating Mothers and All Who Nurture

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-publishers

Poet and philosopher Mark Nepo shares this story about teaching; “Kikakou was a student of Basho, the great Japanese poet of the seventeenth century. One day Kikakou brought Basho this haiku about why we need each other:

A blind child

guided by his mother,

admires the cherry blossoms...

This moment of small things opens the heart of all teaching, for we each take turns being the blind child, the guiding other and the blossom, never really knowing which until we've learned what we are to learn from each other. In this, we all take turns being the teacher.”

The message in this poem and Nepo’s interpretation resonated with us; our mothers are our first teachers in a long line of nurturers who guide and support us. They are aunts, grandmothers and others, not limited by gender, who labor to love us through all of life’s stages and who nurture in ways big and small. From our first breath, these mothering figures teach us about life, how to eat, talk, walk and be human. They feed our souls and our intellects and are present with us through joys and disappointments.

Positive mothering can be provided by anyone, including those who do not birth or raise children. Any of us can choose to nurture, love and look out for those in our care––our pets, plants and projects, our businesses, friends and loved ones, and our communities.

During this month of honoring mothers and turning our focus to the health and well-being of the feminine energy within all of us, our feature story recognizes the unique stressors of our times and offers tips to build resiliency through self-care. Throughout our pages, you’ll find tools, resources and information to support a healthy and balanced life such as fibroid prevention, DIY salt scrubs, the importance of staying hydrated and more.

Different stages of life present different layers of needs, and any of us may one day realize that we ourselves require extra nurturing during times of transition or loss, or because our own mothers were not present or were ill-equipped. We can commit to our own well-being and ensure we are learning, growing and thriving. Like a strong mother figure, we can tend to ourselves lovingly, taking time to listen and be fully present to our innermost thoughts. We can affirm that we matter, are doing our best and that we are worthy, unique and beloved. We can make space for sensory comforts such as a fine meal, cozy blankets, a cup of tea or a warm bath, and over and over. we can provide ourselves tenderness and forgiveness—the honoring of our humanity.

During this month of May, as we celebrate women, mothers and all who nurture, we wish each of you happiness, health and resilience.

 May you shine brightly!

Kendra Campbell and Jacqueline Mast, Co-Publishers