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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Nurturing our Bodies and Relationships with Good Food and Good Cheer

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-publishers

A trend has emerged over the past decade; we’re living in a time when more of us are paying attention to the connection between what we eat and how we feel. Says Deepak Chopra, “The foods we eat become the very foundation of our bodies, seeds of our thoughts and essence of our consciousness.” It’s quite likely that you’ve recently made changes to your own eating habits, putting yourself in the company of a third of other Americans, most under age 45. According to a late 2019 survey, more of us are cooking at home and making decisions about food as it relates to personal and global health matters.

As you glean ideas and guidance from our food as medicine-themed issue, you’ll find it brimming with articles on health, nutrition, and better sleep. In our pages, take note of our trusted partners who serve up some of the most nutritious and delicious foods to satisfy any dietary preference, including the grocers who stock fresh local and organic; Lemon Street Market, Oley Valley Organics, Rodale Institute and Wegmans. Among the area’s farms stands and markets are our nutrient-conscientious partners Bent Limb Farms and Eat Wild Farms, offering pastured chickens, eggs and livestock. Kwee-Jack Fish Co’s Alaskan-caught halibut and their wild sockeye salmon, one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, are being sustainably harvested this summer and prepared for September delivery. There are reasons why these and other similar businesses are in our pages; they bring sustainable practices and strong ethics to the table as they care for the land, their animals and the health and well-being of our community and ultimately, of our planet.

In our feature, Food as Medicine; the Healing Power of Nutrition, you’ll discover the significant health benefits of choosing healthy portions, plant-forward menus, and eating the colors of the rainbow. An article on urban gardening addresses the issue of food scarcity and encourages using whatever land or soil we can access to cultivate whole foods that we can share with others. We’ll satisfy the discriminating palate with mouth-watering recipes for delicious grilling, sure to offer up the official scent of summer for all to enjoy. We even include a few treats for our canine friends.

Enjoy this return to gathering together, spending time with friends and loved ones, nurturing our bodies and our relationships with good food and good cheer.

May you be fed, may you be healed, may you be loved.

Kendra & Jacqueline