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Ampersand Integrative

Jan 29, 2021 09:45AM ● By Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

A Team Approach to Customized Whole Body and Mind Wellness Planning

Ampersand Integrative, located in Wyomissing, is a premier integrative wellness center offering a variety of services from a collective of practitioners that specialize in client-led, customized whole body and mind wellness planning. The team of practitioners came together through a shared mindset and approach to wellness.
“What we all discovered over time was the need for integrative and collaborative care from practitioners—the idea of treating the whole of a client rather than their parts—and that services should be client led, not held just to what common practice is believed to be,” explains Ashley Moser, LCSW. 
“As we each underwent this realization, we began searching for like-minded clinicians in the area that wanted to create a new, comprehensive vision for wellness. The universe drove us together, meeting in various ways, but all speaking the same language and having the same heart. Multiple conversations and brain dumps began to formulate Ampersand in the abstract and together we brought the vision to life.”
Joining Moser on the team are Gabrielle Warner, Elizabeth Brunner, Ariana Miley, Stefano Sarge, Jesse Hershey, Whitney George and Cara Wojciechowski.
Warner, an LMT, is also a certified trauma touch therapist with 16 years of cumulative experience. Her studies took her to kinesiology and personal training. Learning the muscles in action led her hands to discover true body integration; that a stiff neck can be affected by a tight calf; and most recently—after years of observing patterns—that a broken heart could create shortness of breath.
As an eclectic therapist, Moser employs a wide range of techniques derived from modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, neuro-affective relational model, rational emotive therapy, motivational interviewing, refuge recovery and SMART Recovery. She offers both one-on-one and family counseling sessions; her specialties include chronic illness, substance abuse, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders.
Brunner, an LMT and certified cupping therapist, is committed to educating her clients and inspiring them to take responsibility for their bodies. Each session is tailored towards the specific needs of the client, drawing from multiple modalities to maximize results. Through her caring and therapeutic touch, Brunner facilitates a safe space of relaxation and healing, promoting overall peace and well-being.
Miley, a certified yoga instructor, offers private yoga and meditation instruction via the Zoom platform. She specializes in hatha yoga, as well as restorative, yin, slow-flow and prenatal yoga. Her mission is to guide clients in experiencing not only the physical benefits of yoga, but the deep emotional release that this practice can promote as well. 

As a personal trainer who is also a certified exercise physiologist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Sarge educates and empowers his clients in becoming the best versions of themselves to achieve their personal goals, just as he is working on his. Keeping the mind-body connection as the cornerstone of his practice, he helps others navigate their health and fitness journeys safely, effectively and with injury prevention as a priority.

Hershey is a certified personal trainer, certified strength and conditioning specialist and level II functional movement specialist. He walks the path with his clients and helps empower people to make change in a healthy, safe and efficient way. As a firm believer in the mind-body connection, he utilizes a holistic, full-body approach when it comes to physical training.

As a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, with certifications in nutrition and wellness, George constantly seeks education to stay current on all aspects of nutrition and well-being. She has been practicing for eight years, utilizing a personalized, non-judgmental approach to educating clients about food, nutrition and gut health.

Wojciechowski is a board-certified music therapist and certified birth and bereavement doula. Her offerings include individual music therapy sessions, as well as live and recorded music-assisted relaxations and birthing support services. No music experience is necessary to participate in and benefit from music therapy. Her practice is trauma-informed and strengths-based, and all offerings strive to be gender-affirming and inclusive to diverse-lived experiences.
Potential clients can complete the assessment found online at After the wellness coordinator evaluates client needs, clients are provided with a plan that includes suggested therapies, potential goals to further explore with each of the practitioners and pricing information. Final decisions regarding goals and services are ultimately decided by the client with input from the practitioners.
“Taking that first step to find support is a radical form of self-care,” affirms Wojciechowski. “As complex beings with equally complex needs, it can feel impossible to know where to start. At Ampersand, we understand that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not serve our complexities, and we are here to help you find a path that fits your unique and dynamic needs.” 
“We all know what it feels like to be scared to ask for help, to feel resistant to the change that we desperately need,” shares Miley. “It’s not an easy journey to begin, but it is helpful knowing that you are not alone. With the support of Ampersand, you are bound to break through barriers that are holding you back from reaching your goals.”
“All feelings are welcomed—especially the tough ones we might pull away from or cut off from ourselves—as they carry infinite wisdom from which we can work and grow,” believes Warner.
“You are safe with us—to share your story and ask questions, trust that you will be heard and that we will make every effort to really see and understand you in order to partner with and create your wellness plan with integrity and dignity.” 

“There is no judgement in where you are in your current journey, only a desire to partner with you in order to help you attain the goals you set for yourself,” explains Moser.
“The heart of Ampersand is our team’s desire to collaborate and integrate,” shares Warner. “Yes, it is wonderful that many practitioners are housed under one roof—conveniently so for all involved. But the true magic lies when multiple perspectives begin to look at the same client. Each one of us knows that we can’t be everything to everyone—it is that humility that drives us together and what allows us to reach out for help when we hit a block or a resistance that falls outside of our skillset.”
“Each practitioner is well-versed in their respective fields, yet when we collaborate, we have a much greater impact empowering our clients to thrive,” says Moser.
“In many competitive settings, this kind of collaboration might feel threatening, but for us we feel empowered and grateful to have each other, knowing we are stronger together,” Warner affirms. “We meet weekly to discuss shared cases and talk as needed in between sessions to gain the fullest picture we can, as this informs wellness with greater integrity. Truthfully, we love learning and this integrative model allows us to form compassionate and trusting relationships that serve as a foundation for healing.”   
Ampersand Integrative is located at 7 Bristol Ct., in Wyomissing (can be seen from State Hill Rd). For more information, call 484-516-2206, email Ariana at [email protected] or visit