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Mother Nature’s Little Helper

Dianna Haws

Dianna Haws, Zilis City Ambassador, will be representing Zilis UltraCell products at the Empowered Light Holistic Expo, in Oaks, from September 6 through 8, and will present Mother Nature’s Little Helper at noon on September 8, in the Evolve Room. During her presentation, she will share the many health benefits of full spectrum hemp cannabidiol (CBD) oil, along with the how and why hemp works to support the body. 

Haws is a passionate advocate of plant medicine and is on a mission to educate those with questions and concerns about full spectrum hemp make a discerned choice with the many hemp options available on the market. She is one of many who has chosen to reclaim her health and quality of life with plant medicine. Haws hosts weekly seminars in Lancaster sharing the many benefits of full spectrum hemp CBD oil and how it can bring balance to the body.

Location: Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 100 Station Ave., Halls D and E, Oaks. For more information, call Dianna Haws at 717-940-9287 or visit

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