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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publishers, March 2019

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-publishers

The art of creating space with intention provides a refuge for those things that we hold dear. Attention to content and design are forms of nurturing, and whether personal in body and home or more expansive in prayers for our world community, can be a simple celebration of tending to the time and energy that we share with others. 

            Full lives do not have to be heavy, and clearing away excess to choose quality over quantity honors those things that matter the most; the value of inner riches, healthy relationships and simple joys, all carry the potential to elevate and heal. Peace and well-being arise from heeding the convictions of the heart, the ripples of intuition and a caring, diligent sense of preparation. We are all worth the levity of letting go and priming our most sacred environments to receive.

            This issue focuses on restoring our true, radiant selves to support the shining that comes from deep within; the windows of the soul can be thrown open anytime to breathe new air. The joining of organic needs with a higher sense of focus allows the whole self to remain present, aligned and spacious. Spirit is ever ready to guide this essential nature of humanity, recognizing itself most clearly in the context of a larger, divine network. 

            A multitude of resources, and the influence of both earth and sky, create a rich existence, and optimal health lies in the balance of these dimensions. Contributor Melinda Hemmelgarn’s feature, on page 18, shares on nature’s bounty of nutrients and the value of staying rooted in the solid sustenance right beneath our feet. 

            Perspective shifts to put us at home in the wider Universe on page 32, in Randy Kambic’s article that illustrates how inspiration from past generations leads to visions for tomorrow. A present-day hero is highlighted, working purposefully to make a positive environmental impact while educating young people and raising awareness about the significance of our place in the order of all things. 

            Energy reserves are personal as well as communal, and our bodies are microcosms of this Earth, responding powerfully to the shifts in chi, or life force, that flow throughout the web of life. Mindfully inhabiting both our interior dwelling and the larger global community involves refining the quality of what we choose to take in and prioritizing infusions of love and positivity into every day.


            Join us in exploring this community’s special places, smiling faces and sources of expertise for refining and optimizing quality of life. You all make a difference in every unique way, carving out niches of compassion, growing gardens of hope, and holding the door for each others dreams. It is up to us to gather wisdom, join forces and lay a sound foundation for the future.

                                    ~Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-Publishers

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