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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher July 2017

Jun 30, 2017 12:25AM

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-publishers

Divine design can be seen in the way our cells and system coherently align to promote growth, energy and renewal. Detoxification, one of this issue’s themes promotes inner vitality, which enables us to flourish in relationships with others, as well. Healthy connection with others provides the necessary momentum for the development of sustainable networks and communities of mutual respect.  


Proximity to the land and each other is an ongoing negotiation that reflects the well-being of any communityHere in central Pennsylvania, we are blessed with a history of agricultural innovation and sustainability that defines the area. This vibrancy is mirrored in regenerative social developments, as wellDecades ago, J. I. Rodale started an organic farming legacy in Berks County that continues today. On page 42, Maria Rodale shares her thoughts about the family’s unprecedented dedication to the quality of the soil and methods of pure food cultivation that set the bar for standards and accountability in how we choose to nourish ourselves and all that we are connected to. 


Local interest in the vitality of interdependence, including authentic communication and the restorative process of reconciliationcreated a lovely opportunity recently. A celebration of our local peace and mediation services included a talk by Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the historic nonviolent movement that freed India from British rule. Arun spoke about “the gentle, liberating approach of right relationship with all beings.” The legacy of nonviolence percolated through his words about harmony with self and others, as he drew from tenets of living mindfullyfinding strength in humility, and learning to let go of the tensions that bind our hearts and minds.  


In addition to the many spiritual gifts presented in the talk, Arun’s latest book was available. The Gift of Anger is an honest declaration of simple livinthat involves the sacred practice of naming emotion and transforming anger into useful, compassionate action. The timing of the message was uncanny, considering the current need for more sensitive and considerate ways of coexisting in our worldThe intentional choice to live simply is gaining popularity amidst a world that seems to grow more complicated. 


This issue also focuses on how we can gently cleanse ourselves of heavy and stagnant energy and turn toward the inner workings of our bodies and soulsThe liver is known for its key role in the body’s detoxification processesITraditional Chinese Medicinethis invaluable organ is considered the primary regulator of emotionsnotably anger. Reciprocally, the liver is connected with the process of accepting inner friction and allowing for appropriate expression. 


As layers and networks of information, opportunity and cultural evolution unfold, accumulation is inevitable. Fortunately, there is power in letting go of all that does not serve.  

Distillation requires slowing down to focus on the essential ingredients of our lives. There is wisdom in lightening our load to make room for health and happiness 


We honor the space that comes with release and celebrate all the blessings that flow forth. 

~Jacqueline & Kendra 

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