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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

September 2016, Letter From the Publishers

Jacqueline & Kendra

This issue’s theme taps into the richest sources of sound, movement and energy healing, which bring modern approaches together with timeless wisdom to create a context where body and mind align in deeply spiritual and well-respected practices. The reciprocal nature of the Universe is a principle in effect well beyond what we can imagine, both consciously and unconsciously, as what we give out returns on so many levels.

We respond naturally to the music of the Universe, the sounds of nature, the resonance of vitality that comes in waves as the seasons change. Listening is an art of sliding past words and rhetoric to the rhythms that soothe and create space for the harmony that heals.          

In this diverse and colorful world, the discourse on both inclusion and individuality is intuitively woven together by the original primal beat common to all. They are familiar tones, buried within and reassuringly persistent in reminding us of our own existence. It is the heart’s pulse that is in touch with the earliest imprints of human experience, informing cell and psyche with a beautiful, synchronous pattern that has sustained the journey of our evolution here on Earth.

We find our own song by flowing with the echo of body and soul that thrives in those moments when intention meets surrender and we set aside individual roles and identities to connect with the larger chorus. Living congruently calls us to pay attention to this pulse of inner guidance—how and where it leads us to unfold. This could manifest as discovering symphonies of all sizes among the mundane, consciously attending concerts, or seeking out instruments of self-expression. These celebrations of vibration help to awaken us to other dimensions, where we can purify our personal energy, build bridges, and connect with the Divine to find lasting peace.           

Our local community’s extraordinary expression of musical talent from various cultures and genres has resulted in an impressive collection of local bands and internationally known musicians, as well as outdoor venues, drumming circles, kirtan, and university programs focused on bringing the arts front and center for all ages; the list is long and inspiring.          

Those dedicated to sharing these gifts join in the collective circle of positive reverberations that sustain the dynamic of healing by building on the momentum of giving and receiving. Choosing immersive experiences creates rich opportunity for powerful transformation and staying true to the rhythm of one’s own heart.


May you move freely with your inborn originality and find comfort in alignment with your higher self.

              ~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers 

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