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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From The Publisher August 2016

Aug 01, 2016 11:12AM

Lyricists throughout history have described the frontier of life-altering transitions, noting how cracks let in the light to welcome what mighty dignity remains. Recent worldwide acts of aggression are up against divine forces of mercy and peace that persist amidst the waves of sorrow and confusion and fortunately deliver moments of beauty, poetry and hope to fill the gaps in our sense of faith and order.

This illumination reveals the splashes of color that paint our world with new life, triumphant signs of a unifying wholeness. The drive to enter this flow and share in the creative process is evidence of the human spirit’s depth and tenacity, a noble gesture of healing and affirmation of self as part of the intuitive rhythms that guide our universe. Self-expression is a healthy necessity for all ages, and whether mobilizing grief or simply exploring joy, the intent encompasses an entire world of ingenuity and has a ripple effect in the wider community. Creativity catalyzes inner growth and often manifests in outward forms of design and abundance for others to enjoy.

Time and again, I’m moved by the insight of children, so frequently in touch with the simplest perspective on what our world needs. They add imaginative details that stir the heart and awaken the mind, while bringing a lightness of being to this sacred and messy adventure of living. It takes only the slightest amount of consistent, nonjudgmental presence to support the business of dreaming dreams and catching stars, as the youthful eye has a keen sense of the vast galaxy that surround us.

When my five-year-old niece, Paige, celebrated her birthday last month, she requested that instead of giving her birthday gifts, donations be made to Katie’s Krops, a nationwide nonprofit working to help feed those in need, one garden at a time. It made sense as I considered her sensitive and thoughtful nature, her tendency to think outside the box and some of the recent pictures I’d seen of her having loads of fun with her sister in their early summer planting activities.

The name rang a bell and after just a bit of exploration, I discovered a fun coincidence. I was pleasantly reminded that this bountiful and generous venture was to be mentioned in our August issue, appropriately themed around empowering youth through community outreach networks. Paige’s donation was sent, and she received a book from Katie in return, a kind gesture of appreciation for her selfless birthday wish.

All generations have the capacity to take part in the bridging of cultures and communities, to expect a healthy harvest, to seek out silver linings and to show up each day as the embodiment of inspiration that builds life-giving art.


We hope you enjoy digging into the following pages. They illustrate the unifying power of belief in all that is possible for our world, which includes rebuilding the parts that have crumbled and envisioning a future of strength and peace. Thank you for continuing to support our contributors and community of holistic ambassadors for change; every choice makes a difference.

                        ~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-publishers

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