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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher, July 2016

Jun 30, 2016 10:51PM

Words carry energy right into the heart of every matter, vibrating mood and meaning into the thoughts and beliefs that shape each day. Written, spoken or woven in song, the power of voice moves among all of us, rippling out from the present moment to catalyze and inspire our relationships with each other and the most fundamental issues of our time.

The messages we feed ourselves echo an exchange of conversation from widely divergent sources, some personal and many with an intensity that reflects the way in which motive, identity and agenda shape cultural paradigms. Our minds become a playground where the headlines of the information highway and our neighborhood news are shared. We process both consciously and unconsciously, as we navigate a world brimming with hard truths, simple victories and the ongoing beautiful, yet delicate human experience.

The global stage provides a daily dose of input that is up for interpretation. Fortunately, if we have the focus and stamina to sift through the cacophony of images and sensationalism, most of us still enjoy the benefits of independent media. Carefully choosing where to plug in and paying attention to how the message resonates with our intuition, is a solid start in following sources that are authentic. With the extremes in energy leaving no community untouched, we are all called to consider how personal frequency plays a role in transmitting our own contribution back into the mix.

Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks diligently supports the nourishment of minds, bodies and spirit through active engagement with a complex and shifting world. Seeking to tune in is a balancing act and natural extension of the self toward meaningful connection and education that empowers. We have utmost gratitude for the collective forces of transparency that are unveiling all of the stories and bringing more light to the conversation.   


By mid-summer, time often slows to a pace that supports truly savoring the tastes of the season. We present this issue on mindful consumption and respectful communication in hopes that more and more goodness is shared.

                        ~Jacqueline & Kendra

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