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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publishers, June 2016

May 31, 2016 10:41PM

Sailing high above earthly attachments and concern, pink clouds conjure the image of riding softly on the elated feeling of letting go and the possibility of peaceful transcendence. Yet, full engagement in the rosy hue of such enlightened moments requires a context of grounded self-inquiry, mindful daily practices and a commitment to choosing wisely.

The book The Paradox of Choice helped shape my understanding of the way that mental constructs, free will and destiny interplay with personal responsibility to create contentment in life. One of the main themes, that having more choices does not necessarily lead to more happiness, resonated with the simpler part of my psyche and planted the seed that freedom comes with perspective.

I’ve come to see how synchronistic, “golden” opportunities most often choose me, proving that having fewer options can be a great blessing and that acceptance remains the key to maintaining a sustainable level of joy. Calm observations of thoughts and emotions facilitate a grace that allows reactivity to be supplanted by a passionate yet gentle approach to life. Showing up each day for the grand display and choosing to see the miracles everywhere is a mystical, masterful move toward positivity.

This month’s issue focuses on happiness as an act of love that we can give to ourselves daily, even amidst the flux and unprecedented pace of this ever-changing world. Learning and practicing ways to rid ourselves of denial, reactivity and similar mental habits can help us align with the inner self, so that being present becomes a natural and cheerful state. As energy radiates to the very depths of our sensory and neural circuitry, our lives gain more balance, joy and rhythm. When we realize the blessing in simplicity and ease our self-critique, demands and expectations, we reset the standard of fulfillment and emanate the belief that things are exactly as they should be.


Join us in choosing happiness this month and celebrating fathers, brothers, grandfathers and uncles—the yang of our universe. Reflecting on priorities and the temperance that brings balance and peace, may we find the serenity and joy that awaits us all.

            ~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers

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