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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher May 2016

Sacred circles of support span generations. Like personal reflecting pools, these safe havens mirror our secrets, dreams and deepest truths, holding space to celebrate the milestones that mark the passage of time. Such vital links ensure that ancestral wisdom and poignant rituals can be passed down to give context to the intricate weave of our personal storyline.

Kendra and I had the privilege of attending an evening created in honor of several adolescent women on the threshold of new beginnings. There, we learned about the solid mentorship program that had supported their journey. The room was filled with an uplifting energy as confident female voices shared precious memories. A warm atmosphere surrounded the young women in the spirit of love and acceptance needed to carry them through the tremendous time of becoming. We were moved by the lasting resonance of the emotional and spiritual investments that had bolstered their lives.

Intentional gatherings are on our gratitude list this month, as we recall the variety of groups that have contributed something special to our life experiences, helping to shape our beliefs in a context of honesty and trust. Such circles are like compasses for life, helping us find our roots as well as our wings and teaching us the art of discernment along the way. Unbroken, even amidst diversions based on expectation and choice, these gatherings symbolize a wholeness that nurtures the still point deep within.

This issue honors the power of feminine energy to transform, protect and create the space for laughter, pleasure and joy every day. We are here to utilize our senses inquisitively while navigating this world, knowing and listening for that inner whisper. We can help each other care for our bodies and minds, coming together in the spirit of understanding that will stoke our highest collective and individual good.

A beautifully diverse array of wellness circles in our community have risen to the utmost level of integrity and professionalism, through the creativity, skills and diligent holistic care specialties of our local female leaders. We invite you to get to know the amazing women in the following pages by exploring the inspiration they share and the brilliant gifts that they offer.


We give thanks to the sisterhood energy that is alive and strong, spreading a legacy of compassion and grace that is lifting our world up in healing hands.

~Jacqueline Mast & Kendra Campbell, Co-Publishers

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