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Letter From the Publisher March 2016

Mar 01, 2016 06:29AM

Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers

Temple Grandin—an autism activist, best-selling author and professor of animal science at Colorado State University—has navigated her unique experience of the world into a leadership advocacy role for animal welfare. Tapping an especially keen intuitive perception of how environment affects the well-being of livestockGrandin has expressed exceptional brilliance in designing facilities that enhance the animals’ comfort, health and safety.  


By illuminating factors that reduce stress and injury in the handling of cattle and the benefits of humane slaughter on meat qualityGrandin’s work has garnered attention by farmers and consumers alikeHer deep understanding of animal behavior and the integrity she maintains in research and education to benefit those that raise and care for livestock are solid examples of a type of commitment to sustainable practices that reinforces one’s connections with this Earth, our sources of nourishment, and the cycle of life. 


As evidenced in the books and other educational resources Grandin has produced, along with a 2010 TED lecture titled, “The World Needs ALL Kinds of Minds,” she exemplifies the holistic vision needed to address current social trends and challenges with an attitude of kindness and dignity for life forms of every shape and size. This humble yet assured self-awareness transcends a mindset of divisions and instead sees patterns of oneness and symbiosis in the alliances formed between all species. 


Grandin has made a profound statement for living in homeostatic balance on a larger scale, showing us that we  are not so separate from the roots and animals upon which we rely for sustenance. Considering this is a direct link to learning truths about the food industry and its policies and processes; and ultimately, it presents opportunities and obligations to choose wisely. 


I was fortunate enough to experience Grandin’s straightforward, compelling energy firsthand during a presentation at a local university several years ago, where she spoke with humor, personal insight and genius on sensitivity disorders and the humane treatment of animals. Diligence with details is her style and has solidified her life’s work. 


This issue—one of two annually themed “Food Matters”—is also focused on the details, highlighting quality options for meat consumption and aligning questions of conservation and preservation with the conscious use of land for current and future generations. Our resources are precious and our daily actions and attitudes about them reflect and reciprocate directly the energies that contribute to our collective health as consumers, neighbors and allies with all beings. 




March opens with the promise of grounds softening, greens emerging, and life awakening in the meadows and streams. As we walk upon the land that provides sustenance, may due acknowledgment and gratitude be given to all sources. 


~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-publishers

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