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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From Publishers - January 2016

Jan 02, 2016 08:17AM

Jacqueline Mast & Kendra Campbell, Co-publishers

The day’s opening act never disappoints. No matter the hue, morning is a buoyant reminder of the eternal option to begin anew. Each combination of sunrise and cloud cover creates an artful study in shape, form and movement that affects how light is filtered, ultimately contributing to the endless variety of natural ambiance that heralds a faith in the new unfolding. 


When we unexpectedly lost a tree in the front yard last month, we experienced a sudden shift in the horizon that changed the view from nearly every angle.  Because the tree had anchored the property in such a strong and salutatory way, the loss and subsequent change of perspective was rather unexpected. I grieved its looming presence and what had become a beautiful canopy, but interestingly, the opening of space and energy that will allow for new growth there soon came into focus. 


This prompted me to think, “What steadfast, old anchors impact our vision? What beacons do we rely on to navigate the dance of energy and balance in reclaiming original wholeness? Perhaps the stability of certain pillars of support reach an endpoinat which they begin to block clarity. In choosing what to let go of, no better gauge exists than personal intuition, but at times, we are blindsided by the excavation of certain things that we could not imagine living without. In the end, we are often pleasantly surprised by the levity and insight we gain in the process of releasing 


As we embark upon the new year, managing ongoing personal, familial and societal transitions, I’m reminded of the deepest vital sentiment—hope—and its inextricable link to renewalenvision that those burdened by grief and illness are surrounded by ongoing circles of support and prayers, resulting in the collective silver linings that ignite the glow of our Universe. 


Also contributing to the light are the consistent breakthroughs ithe areas of science, the environment and wellness; these advances continue to uphold hope and produce answers at a surprising rate. This issue glimpses into quite a range of such professional, holistic offeringsFunctional medicine, as discussed on page 24, has brought a collaborative exploration of nutrition and genetics to the forefront of modern healthcare. This comprehensive approach takes a deeper look at root issues and limiting patterns to create a foundation of wellness that is unprecedented.  




The reset button has been pushed, and we are embarking on regenerative ways of living and being together, prioritizing with integrity and wisdom like never before. We celebrate this with yousending out all of the best in wellness and joy this new year. 


~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-publishers 

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