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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From Publishers, November 2015

Nov 01, 2015 12:47AM ● By Jacqueline Mast and Kendra Campbell, Co-Publishers

Perception is the defining element that filters and personalizes the vast sensory abundance that we encounter every day. Momentary delights blend into meaningful interactions, all interwoven with values and beliefs to give our subjective experiences their depth, diversity and color.

Consistency lies within sacred geometry’s perfect replication of numerical patterns and ratios, allowing nature’s blueprint to create divine design, texture and vibration.

In the cycle of becoming, we are inextricably linked to this framework within a context of participatory observation.  Our perspectives on the resources that create such a unified wholeness generate a co-creative understanding of and appreciation for our sources of fulfillment.

One of the most splendid days in October found us exploring the historically significant grounds of the famous Rodale Institute in Berks County. I had the subtle, earthy sensation of being in the midst of greatness the entire time, as we meandered through fields and gardens, all alive and well. In the orchard, we picked an apple, not perfect or shiny but lusciously unadulterated and bursting with nutrition and flavor.

The organic farming legacy, initiated as the very first of its kind back in 1947, continues on, eschewing profit while focusing on the dissemination of quality education and research about growing food sustainably. The standards for purity, quality and transparency that Rodale continues to uphold are unmatched in today’s choking corporate food industry melodrama. The experience was full of the peace that comes with living simply and in sync with this bountiful planet.

When community, service, relationships and nourishment are the priorities that direct the focus of our investments, thriving is a natural state of being. In this state, a sense of abundance will emerge from soul connections, regardless of finances and assets. This new and livelier type of wealth is unencumbered by the weight of materialism, providing lifestyles of autonomy, simple wisdom and satisfaction.   

Our anniversary issue discusses pure and authentic health, beauty and wealth, reaffirming the impact of quality over quantity and the charm of true joy. Gratitude for finding a place in the natural order of things and tapping into the flow and efficiency that Source provides is quite enough.


We are thrilled to be celebrating our third year in publishing. Thank you all for making this wild adventure possible through your valuable interest, community involvement and support.

                 Jacqueline Mast & Kendra Campbell, Co-Publishers

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