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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From Publishers October 2015

Sep 29, 2015 10:16AM

As I sit to write this, I’m keenly aware of yet another approaching week of deadlines, and I ponder the irony of this schedule-driven monthly production cycle in the context of its mindful, artistic collaboration. Publishing thrives on a synergy of creative forces; the direct culmination of the unique specialties and gifts of many talented individuals.

Kendra and I would like to acknowledge our amazing team here at Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks for the talent, time and enthusiasm they contribute. A compilation of passionate hard work, the magazine has grown in direct proportion to the dedication of each discerning eye and caring soul that has believed in what this publication offers and their ability to help share it. We feel blessed to work with a group of professionals that consistently upholds the relationships that make it all possible.

It is that foundational human connection that fuels any mission to enhance understanding, alleviate suffering and support the greater good. Covering the theme of working together, this issue reflects on the initiatives of highly effective change agents in all types of settings that spread love and help connect those in need with life-enhancing resources.  Benevolent motivations shield against rigid mentalities of pre-defined notions of success and, instead, pave the way for an atmosphere of compassion, humility and justice that keeps the message honest and the intent relevant and helpful.

Maintaining confidence in the individual aptitudes of others serves to heighten a sense of place in the circle of unity, where diverse needs are fulfilled by a colorful array of available brilliance. Again, our sincerest gratitude goes out to our writers, distributors, editors, artists, administrative support and all of our extended Natural Awakenings family for letting their lights shine brightly and carrying this vision on.


Join us in celebrating the “we” that enlivens the universe. With co-creative ingenuity and integrity, every single one of us can contribute to the hope and healing of our world.

~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers

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