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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publishers, July 2015

Jacqueline & Kendra

History is made by those with a keen eye for everyday injustices and a fierce belief in making a difference by being the change they want to see. Staying true to inner convictions is the tiny spark of authentic power that enhances personal freedoms and illuminates valuable health and lifestyle choices that boost energy, joy, and longevity to help build a better world.

Heightened individual consciousness has resulted in a collective focus on what we feed ourselves, leading many to explore the source and purity of our food and the science behind choices that resonate with feeling our best. Gaining serious momentum in the past decade, this spirited movement is now questioning the accepted assumptions in the agricultural industry that have global impact, inspiring many of us to better serve ourselves, our children, and the environment.

We recently attended the grand opening of Reading’s Penn Street Market, a celebration of the re-emergence of a centuries-old community tradition that is truly invested in a seasonable, healthy and accessible downtown food supply. The mood was vibrant, and the event was well supported by vendors, farmers, local leaders and city residents. Market Director Lucine Sehelnik shares her enthusiasm, intention and the vision behind the community initiative in the event spotlight on page 24.

July’s issue highlights the themes of inspired living and food democracy—two interwoven forces of hope and activism that continue to push forward. We are thrilled to be supporting the very recently opened film PlantPure Nation, which will be screened at Lancaster’s local independent theatre, Zoetropolis. Based in part on the groundbreaking nutritional research legacy of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, the documentary highlights important health benefits of plant-based diets and the simple choices that can lift individuals and communities above social, political and personal barriers to optimal health.


We envision a world in which clean, affordable and wholesome food is readily available for all, and where collective truth and dignity easily support the enjoyment of these shared and basic human rights.

                 ~Jacqueline Mast & Kendra Campbell, Co-publishers



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