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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From The Publishers, May 2015

Photo by Wanda Mast

Fertility is in the air this month as the earth is softening, the buds have opened and those sweet and heady notes of growth are singing along in the breeze. We’re elevated by innovation and possibilities as people and processes conspire to express their creative wit and wisdom. May is definitely underway.

Female leaders in Lancaster met last month to celebrate a recent national survey that placed our town’s women-owned businesses in the top ten out of 289 metro areas, specifically ranking local female entrepreneurs in the number two slot for overall annual revenue. The gathering was festive and charged, buzzing with the exciting diversity of backgrounds and expertise shared among the group. We were grateful to be part of the evening’s supportive good cheer, as we collectively honored each other’s past accomplishments and current endeavors and enjoyed the enlivening promise found in new friendships and strengthened networks.

This month we honor the magnificently intricate female body and spirit, allowing infinite potential, dignity and self-expression to shine forth. Reverence for the divine synergy of metamorphosis and women’s part in the cycle of life underlies the intrinsic desire to offer our unique, feminine gifts. Uplifting each other adds integrity and vitality to the shared role of envisioning new life and believing in all that wants to be born.

A graceful mix of vulnerability and autonomy is the tone of this month’s editorial line-up, which highlights empowered approaches to the adventures and complexities of womanhood, including natural birth, breast health and certain diseases that primarily affect women. Compassionate resources offer support and advise realistic expectations that enable self-acceptance and courage.

The local non-profit Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks (BCSS) announces its program on intimacy for cancer survivors, and contributor Marshall commends a proactive mindset of confidence and authenticity in her article “Rethinking Breast Health.” Even more gentle options for life-altering transitions are presented for expecting mothers, including yoga, natural interventions and being present to make choices that fulfill and personalize the experience.


Each new day opens with the creative potential for enriching life through the willing embodiment of our full selves. May we all find peace of mind and heart by sharing our own personal works of art with the world.

                          ~Jacqueline Mast & Kendra Campbell, Co-Publishers

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