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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publishers, October 2014

I love the refreshing, organically enriching fall air and its energy of resilience. Deep colors emerge, signaling the time to slow down and resynchronize our biorhythms. What a perfect season for our latest issue’s theme, Sustainability.

A sense of timelessness and faith in unseen sources of renewal are incredibly valuable in today’s rapidly paced, instantaneous, short-lived and disposable culture. This beautiful Earth is always holding the space for us to harmonize with forces already in effect; it seems to be Her way of ensuring a future of communal and personal viability. Congruence with nature’s reliable and healing vibrations, such as waves against the shoreline, mists of salt air and soothing rays of sunlight, allow gentle reminders of our planet’s inherent currents of restoration. In this month’s article, “Breath-Taking Wisdom,” contributor Lane Vail reinforces the benefits of mindful breathing as a way to clear personal space and easily tune into our own tides of rejuvenation.

Simpler ways of existing are imbedded into our DNA. Now, wise design and innovative lifestyle planning bring us new standards for living with genuine respect to the natural order in the world. Our feature article, “Sustainable Cityscapes,” by Christine MacDonald, illustrates how greening trends have matured into strategies for minimally toxic, harmonious living that will endure for generations to come.

The welcoming pillar of natural health gracing our cover this month, Dr. Andrew Weil, has certainly contributed to educating our nation on conscious lifestyle choices. His global worldview informs a philosophy for aligning mindset, environment and diet to ease stress and lower rates of systemic and chronic diseases.

Our Natural Awakenings community of readers and advertisers form a vibrant local network of holistic businesses and professional resources to support a collective journey toward personal and planetary sustainability. We hope you find this October issue replenishing and inspiring for living joyful, balanced lives.

~ Jacqueline & Kendra

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