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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publishers, April 2014

Mar 29, 2014 09:53AM


The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. ~ John Muir

Life spins along in a dance of evolutionary forces, seeking precious balance amidst the tides of change. In this world of environmental extremes and fading resources, hope prevails, as everyday activists converge at the tipping point on a planet ready to heal.

An early Scottish-American voice for the wilderness preservation movement and co-founder of the Sierra Club in 1892, John Muir blazed a conscious trail for the future based in simple living. Through his immersion in the wild, he gained a deep reverence for its beauty, experiencing nature as a direct connection to the divine.

Though we may not choose to live fully off the grid, inspiration can be found in his legacy of honoring the great outdoors and taking time to connect with the sacred vitality found there. Such nourishment is a valuable foundation as we continue to support planetary harmony through heart and home. Sustenance as simple as that found in this issue’s “Culinary Mushroom Magic”, described by Case Adams, and moving qi meditations, offered by Meredith Montgomery, makes a vital difference in daily renewal.

April’s issue highlights green insights for cleaning out and maintaining equilibrium in all spaces, with attention to our inner world, a catalyst for universal change. National Earth Day and Tai Chi/ Qigong Day offer us dedicated opportunities to align with energy from essential sources, supporting wholeness and unity.

Re-centering is possible in any moment, as each inhale of fresh air provides the perfect instant to prioritize equanimity and our original lightness of being.


Spring is in full bloom—a prime time to celebrate our gorgeous Mother Earth.

Feel good, live simply, laugh more, and travel well!

                         ~Jacqueline, Kendra & Lois

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