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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From The Publishers, February 2014


“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”—Rumi

The profound sentiments of the great 13th century Persian poet and mystic have stood the test of time, echoing in celebration of life. His beautiful lines of devotion and bliss provide a vast and meaningful collection of writings that bypass illusions and illuminate wisdom in the art and joy of pure being.

These truths resonate with us when our hearts are full of inspiration and contentment, ripple effects of keeping a finger on the pulse of life while simultaneously remaining open to genuine expression. Our unity is fueled by moments of liberation and insights that transcend separateness, evoking deep understanding of how acceptance contributes to a larger whole. During this month dedicated to honoring our vital bonds and gratitude, acts and words of reverence for life and each other mark the divine sparks of appreciation—the giving and receiving that sustain our experience of love.

This connecting flow is mirrored in the sacred circuitry of the body’s primary pump, which generates ongoing sustenance in the form of oxygen-rich cells and nourishing fluids. Rhythmic and ongoing, its genius design works to purify the body, contributing to homeostasis and enriching the life force. A dynamic storehouse for a mix of physiological and emotional phenomena, this delicately tuned muscle provides a powerful source of healing.

In “Rethinking Hearth Health,” p. 16, Linda Sechrist thoroughly explores an approach to wellness that honors the link between holistic lifestyles, authenticity and decreased stress. Mindful choices and personal reflection help us discover this intelligence just below the surface, leading to intimacy with self and others that can boost cardiovascular resilience through gentle, thoughtful interactions. Exemplified in an ancient Hawaiian mantra, p. 27, releasing toxic resentments clears away crippling tensions, opening space for peace and rejuvenation.

The intent to stay present with what arises unearths silver linings of truth and direct access to the essence of life. We invite you to share in this issue’s theme of healing from within, finding calm in personal safe havens and soulful self-care. A nurtured heart will soar, free and open to what life has to offer.

                               ~Jacqueline Mast, Kendra Campbell & Lois Schultz, Co-Pubishers

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