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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher December 2013

Nov 28, 2013 12:18AM


With the closing of 2013, a deep bow to our beautiful diversity and persevering spirit is certainly due. In this era of intense extremes, dualities and rapid transitions, finding a fine balance in all things may be the key to maintaining tranquility and ease of being. At the essence of the world’s contrasting elements—birth and loss, love and life’s lessons—we are reminded of the delicacy of life.

Over the past year, common songs of truth and hope have emerged from a mix of eclectic voices, and creative initiatives have surged. Because growth can be unsettling, such expansion calls for times of rest and refocus. Fortunately, winter offers warmth and grounding in the form of reunions, stillness and joy. A conscious effort to return to the present moment can facilitate the equanimity of heart and mind and the opportunity for pure awareness to soar.

With spice in the air and candles aglow, this season welcomes back cozy traditions and connection with loved ones—a perfect setting for this issue’s theme, Awakening Humanity. When approached mindfully, seasonal rituals, whether they are family traditions or spiritual celebrations, add meaning and create common ground, allowing us to transcend polarities and useless conflict. Less analysis and more intention, interspersed with a mix of flexibility and foresight, helps us to make congruent, satisfying choices all year long. Life is a gift, so why not make each day holy and bright.

Equilibrium in reaching for the stars with both feet firmly on the ground is a healthy bridge of strength and bliss, but ultimately this journey is a dynamic and aging process. At some point, we all contemplate other realms and begin to truly see just how precious and fleeting our time on earth actually is. By slowing down to become present and recognize the awe, wonder and peace of simply being, we appreciate our essential nature and come closer to heaven, no matter where we are.


The final month of an epic year in compassionate activism is tinged with the anticipation of new, exciting unknowns as endings always offer new beginnings. Cheer is in the air and the doors are open, so join us in supporting one another on our way as we delight in our collective and brilliant luminosity.

               ~Jacqueline, Kendra & Lois

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