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Letter From the Publishers, November 2013

Oct 30, 2013 08:30AM


What prompts an inner quest for better self-understanding and a deep soul search for insight into the slightest and grandest of divine personal triumphs? Motivating forces for change vary widely but without exception, include a tremendous amount of courage—that powerful and sincere catalyst for growth. Interestingly, the word “courage” derives from the Latin root cor, meaning “heartfelt,” coming from the place of truth, which is the authenticity that empowers anyone taking bold steps in self-discovery.

I recently reconnected with a dear, old friend who related events in her life that had prompted unexpected and challenging rounds of healing, finally leading to a breakthrough and clarity. We discussed pushing through illusions and dropping masks, as well as the awesome paradox of vulnerability and surrender through which opening to raw feelings allows for profound healing and an entire lightness of being. Choosing honest transparency and the willingness to pursue some type of personal, spiritual practice, along with belief in a guiding force, is a true act of honoring oneself. As judgments fall away and imperfection is embraced, we become free to move from observation to avid participation. Life turns into an act of thriving, not just surviving.

“Transform your life,” a popular mantra, has fortunately evolved to mean expanding real-life engagement with experiences that evoke the rapture of feeling alive. What if success were monitored by meaningful connections and the pure contentment of living from the inside out? The common denominator among avenues of personal growth, such as retreats, support groups, workshops and even yoga classes, is uniting with others for acceptance and fellowship. Faith replaces fear when limiting boundaries dissolve, creating a safe space for centering, communion and awareness.

Autumn is the perfect time to reflect and gather these nurturing energies. As we three publishers look back over the past year of this venture with immense gratitude and in awe of the time that has passed so quickly, it feels quite fitting to share this edition’s theme, Personal Growth and Mindfulness. We are thrilled to be celebrating our one-year anniversary during this beautiful season, and continue to welcome our own transitions, as well as those within this healing community.


May this month offer plenty of opportunities to momentarily pause and acknowledge grace and abundance. We sincerely thank you all for your generous support and enthusiasm and for sharing our vision for a more caring and peaceful world.

                        ~Jacqueline Mast, Kendra Campbell & Lois Schultz, Co-publishers

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